A broad Foundation

Our regional competence centers serve as a base from which we offer you all the solutions you need for operating chemical sites.

With Antwerp, Darmstadt, Essen, Herne/Witten, Hanau, Marl, Rheinfelden and Wesseling, Technology & Infrastructure operates eight sites in Germany and in Antwerp, Belgium, and has business contacts all over the world.


In addition to offering the logistical advantages of a seaport, the site is also readily accessible by road and rail.


Darmstadt continues to develop into an integrated research and sales site with production and pilot plants for specialty polymer products.


The chemical plant on Goldschmidtstraße has a long tradition and has been a major industrial employer in the city since 1889.


Wolfgang Industrial Park is Europe’s only high-tech site that is open to investors and that has a complete materials science infrastructure.


Sheer scale: an area of 6.5 square km, 55 km of roads, 100 km of railroad track, 30 km of pipe bridges, 70 km of sewer lines, and 30 companies making products in 100 plants.


Rheinfelden is a 40 hectare site in the outmost southwest of Germany. As Europe’s first hydroelectric power plant, the facility drew many companies to the Rhine.


Covering an area of 330,000 square meters, the Wesseling site provides infrastructure for chemical production and convenient access to transportation arteries.


The Herne/Witten site specializes in high-quality raw materials for paints and coatings.