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Benefit from our technical service, logistics, energy, utilities, and site management expertise: quality, availability and safety—all from one partner

Technology & Infrastructure draws upon functional excellence to provide answers

One example of what it means when we say that Technology & Infrastructure makes our customers’ challenges our own is that we adapt plant maintenance cycles to market volatility. To this end, Technical Service develops forecast models for a variety of scenarios, increasing flexibility and reducing costs in the process. 

Our logistics experts place considerable emphasis on strengthening green logistics, pursuing strategies such as bimodal transportation on interior rail- and waterways rather than on roadways. This task involves conducting systematic studies of entire logistics chains to assess their risks to the environment, occupational safety, and cost efficiency. 

Site management guarantees the power to grow globally by standardizing building operation processes, to name one example. Conceptual hallmarks include uniform service levels, information systems, and ideas for optimizing operating costs, as well as comprehensive maintenance strategies and energy management. 

Our Energy & Utilities experts think in terms of networks too. Examples of success stories here include the implementation of a waste electricity management system extending across multiple sites and the introduction of integrated, 24/7 load and balancing-group management for electricity and natural gas.