Always on the move

Whether you need to coordinate the global flow of goods, make efficient use of infrastructural resources, or guarantee safe shipping and warehousing, logistics is always involved - sometimes even as key element

Evonik Site Services offers all logistics process-chain services

Logistics is about more than just sending goods from point A to point B: keeping complex mobility processes going requires a painstaking approach to planning and managing the flow of information and materials between customers and suppliers.

Experts provide all logistics process-chain services, from the moment that raw materials are received and stored until chemical products are prepared for shipping and then sent out. In addition to operating logistics facilities such as tank farms, warehouses, plant railways, and piping networks, our experts provide individual consulting services to determine whether the right materials are available in the right amount, in the right place, and at the right time.

Whether by road, rail, waterways, or pipeline—our logistics professionals are expert partners who work with their customers to find the right route (to a solution) every time.